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Get cash for your vehicle with a 24 hour title loan in FL. We offer secured loans even if you have bad credit!

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    Car Title Loans In Florida - How To Qualify

    Here at Sunshine Title Lending, we’ve been working with borrowers in Florida for years, and it’s obvious now that online title loans are more popular than ever. These loans are simple to get approved for if you have a paid off vehicle, and the funding amounts are much higher than personal loans and payday advances. Best of all, the credit requirements are few and far between. Borrowers can often submit an application, complete the underwriting and inspection process, and get funded all within one business day!

    How To Qualify For Same Day Title Loans In Florida

    1. You must be 18 years or older and have a valid government-issued ID from the State of Florida.

    2. The vehicle used for collateral must be owned outright, with no outstanding auto title loans or other liens against it.

    3. The vehicle must be registered in your name and insured in Florida. The car or truck needs to have active tags and you must have a current copy of the insurance coverage.

    4. You must provide proof of income to show that you can make regular loan payments. This can include documentation from your employer or another another income source.

    5. Depending on the lender’s underwriting guidelines, you may be required to submit additional documents, such as recent bank statements or proof of residence.

    If you meet all of these qualifications, you are most likely eligible for title loans in Florida! So please don’t wait; contact us today to get started on getting the funding you need. We have customer service representatives ready to help you over the phone, or you can submit your application online and get your loan proceeds within a few hours!

    How Does A Title Loan Work In Florida & How Can I Apply?

    Here’s what you need to know about secured loans in FL. Unlike an unsecured lender that needs to perform a credit check or a traditional bank that might take weeks or even months to verify your credit and underwriting information, a secured loan simply requires the title of your vehicle as collateral.

    With this type of loan, you essentially borrow against your own car. The lender will assess the market value of your vehicle and then provide you with funding based on that value. Typically, borrowers can qualify for much larger amounts than they could get from other types of lenders like banks or online personal loans.

    If you’re interested in getting started on securing an online title loan in Florida, just contact our customer support team today! 

    What's My Car's Title Loan Value In Florida

    Before you inquire about a loan amount, you should check and see your vehicle’s title loan value in Florida. This means you should research the current market value of your car so you have a good idea of how much funding you may be able to qualify for.

    There are several ways to determine your car’s loan value in Florida. One option is to take your car or truck down to a local dealership and get an appraisal from them. This will give you an accurate valuation estimate based on current market prices. 

    Your car is only worth what someone is willing to pay here in Florida. An applicant in Miami can expect a lower funding amount than someone in Orlando if the resale values differ in those parts of the state. Stay on top of the specific title loan lending values near you!

    Apply With Sunshine Title Lending For An Online Loan in FL

    Our qualified agents can walk you through the online application or take your info over the phone. We can put together a quick estimate with just your vehicle information and current employment details.

    Florida Title Loans Frequently Asked Questions

    Is It Easy To Find An Equity Lender Near Me In Florida

    If you need a title loan quickly, it’s important to know where you can find a reputable lender near you in Florida. Many different lenders are competing for your business here in the state, so there are likely several options available depending on your personal preferences and location.

    One option is to search online for title loans in Florida that allow customers to apply entirely online. As an example, with Sunshine Title Lending you can submit your vehicle information and paperwork online and we’ll connect you with a local lender that offers same day cash pick up and inspection. 


    Can A Vehicle Equity Lender In Florida Repossess My Car

    Yes, a title loan company can repossess your car. But they have to follow state regulations set forth in your contract that limit how much time they have to take your vehicle. There are also limits with how much time they need to wait to sell the car at auction. Any money from the sale that doesn’t go towards offsetting the loan balance needs to be sent back to the customer.

    They must inform you in writing before they come after the vehicle. This means you will have plenty of time to catch up on late fees or resolve the issue with them to avoid a costly default and repossession. Keep in mind, that borrowers take out online title loans in Miami, Jacksonville, and other cities in FL have specific city regulations that offer further protections in the case of a title loan repossession.

    Refinance A Car Title Loan In Florida – Is It Possible

    A title loan refinance is possible with Sunshine Title Lending and we work with customers often who are looking to get a better repayment term and reduced interest rate. As long as you’re still current on the payments you should have no trouble qualifying for a refi that gets you a better payoff offer.

    Also, look into a title loan buyout to get out of a costly loan agreement if you’re dealing with a lender in Daytona Beach or Orlando with extremely high interest rates!

    Before considering any type of refinancing, however, make sure you explore all other options so that you don’t get stuck with a loan amount or interest rate that’s worse than what you currently have.

    Do You Have Possession Of A Vehicle That's Fully Paid Off?

    Use that car or truck to cash out some much needed equity with an instant car title loan. Anyone who owns a paid off car can qualify for this type of secured loan in Florida.  Apply now to see how much you can get!

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